After-sales services

Terms of aftersales services for product quality
  All Bunker products are produced following GB and GS standards. The company strictly follows ISO9001 international quality system management.
  I. Prior to use of Bunker products, please carefully read usage instruction and matters needing attention. In the event of quality issues during the use process, please contact the nearby Bunker agents so that we can provide you timely services.
  II. Usage deadline of Bunker products:
  1. Guarantee time of box spanner, double offset ring spanner, solid wrench, adjustable spanner, socket head wrench, pincer tool, hammer tool, ratchet wrench and wrench product is 12 months;
  2. Guarantee time of hydraulic jack, horizontal jack and other hydraulic pressure tool is 6 months.
  III. Non-free repair or replacement scope
  1. Non-Bunker product;
  2. Wear surpassing service life of tool;
  3. Rust after use, electroplate decrustation, surface scratch, plastic hand shank loss and damage of packing materials (such as paper box, shelf, plastic shell, paper card and so on) during the use process does not fall to the scope of free service.
  4. Product loss or incapacitated use of products under abnormal circumstances does not fall to the scope of free service. Maintenance spot that provides services can charge corresponding material fees following maintenance standards of Bunker.
  5. When users need after-sales services, they should provide corresponding procurement voucher. After each time of after-sales services, they should fill in completed Bunker quality maintenance card.
  IV. All rights of explanation are reserved to Bunker Tools Co., Ltd.
In case you have any doubts on the aforementioned service terms, please dial Bunker service hotline at 86-539-8388798 86-539-8388799 or log at for inquiry.

Wrong use of tools will cause harm to you and people around you. So please keep an eye on safety!
  Screwdriver can only be used to turn the screw. It can’t be used to pry the tools;
  Pliers can be used to clamp the workpiece or cut the metal wires. It can’t be used as knocking tools;
  Manual sleeve cannot be used in pneumatic tools;
  Please choose the right specification of cutting tools to cut wire cable
  Other than is specially regulated, other cutting products can’t be used to cut piano wire and other super-hard wire;
  Please choose the right hammer. Make sure that you wear goggle to protect your eyes;
  Do not use it in cases with high voltage;
  Please add lubricant oil for long-term use and prolonged life;
  Please wear goggle to protect your eyes when using chisel products;
  Please choose the right scrubbing product to prevent rust;
  Children are banned to touch the instrument without monitoring.



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