A brief introduction to the use and maintenance of electric screwdrivers


  The so-called electric screwdriver is an electric screwdriver. It is driven by electricity on the basis of ordinary screwdrivers, which greatly improves the working effect. However, if the electric screwdriver does not pay attention to its use and maintenance skills during use, its service life It won't last too long, so today I will teach you how to use and maintain an electric screwdriver.
  How to use and maintain electric screwdrivers:
  1. Please read the instruction manual of the screwdriver carefully before use, and use it according to its specifications.
  2. The ordinary motor sets the locking frequency to 4s/1 screw, 900 screws per hour, and 7500 screws per day. Swiss Motor sets the locking frequency to 2.5s/1 screw, locks 1440 screws per hour, and locks 12,000 screws per day. Therefore, you must pay attention to the size of the motor of the electric screwdriver during use, and do not operate blindly. , to prevent the electric screwdriver from being damaged by exceeding the workload.​​
  3. It is more suitable to use the torque within the range of 45-75 of this model, and can not overload the torque of 80 for long-term use.
  4. When using, do not directly adjust from low torque to high torque or from high torque to low torque, it is easy to cause the clutch steel ball and the torque thimble to fall off.
  5. Tighten the fixing ring (or torque sheath) of the screwdriver before use, the two ends of the power cable should be symmetrical with the socket holes of the power supply and the electric screwdriver, and the nut of the power cable should be tightened.
  6. The internal parts of the screwdriver should not come into contact with grease or other turbid liquids.
  7. For the effectiveness of maintenance, please protect the serial number and warranty card of the screwdriver.

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