Correct use and maintenance of micrometers


  Hardware tools must know its instructions in order to use it properly. There are two types of micrometers: mechanical micrometers and electronic micrometers.
  ①Mechanical micrometer. Micrometer for short, is a hand-held general-purpose length measuring tool that uses the principle of precision thread pair to measure the length. In 1848, J.L. Palmer of France patented the outer micrometer. In 1869, J.R. Brown and L. Sharp in the United States made the outer micrometer into a commodity for measuring the outer diameter of the metal wire and the thickness of the plate. There are many varieties of micrometers. By changing the shape of the micrometer measuring surface and the ruler frame, micrometers for different purposes can be made, such as micrometers for measuring inner diameter, thread pitch diameter, gear common normal or depth, etc.
  ②Electronic micrometer. Also called digital micrometer, grating length measurement technology and integrated circuits are used in the measurement system. Electronic micrometers appeared in the mid-1970s for outer diameter measurement.
  Correct use and maintenance of micrometer
  1. Check whether the zero line is accurate;
  2. When measuring, the surface of the workpiece to be measured should be wiped clean;
  3. When the workpiece is large, it should be placed on a V-shaped iron or flat plate for measurement;
  4. Clean the measuring rod and the anvil before measuring;
  5. A ratchet device is required when screwing the movable sleeve;
  6. Do not unscrew the back cover to avoid changing the zero line;
  7. Do not add ordinary oil between the fixed sleeve and the movable sleeve;
  8. After use, wipe and oil it, put it in a special box, and place it in a dry place.
  A good set of tools, in addition to being used properly and having a lot of uses, maintenance cannot be ignored. Just like a good car, it needs to be maintained.

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